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General Motors Ditches Steering Wheel in New Autonomous Car

GM is dropping the steering wheel in autonomous cars General Motors is seeking the federal government's permission to put the Chevrolet Bolts on the road in 2019 without human backup drivers. Not only will the cars have no steering wheel, but they also won't have a brake or gas pedal. GM spokesman Kevin Kelly says the first of the autonomous Chevy Bolts is being tested. The automaker hopes to have passengers and cargo being transported by the vehicles in the next year. Since acquiring Cruise Automation, a San Francisco start-up, in spring 2016, GM and Cruise have developed four generations of autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EVs. According to Bloomberg News, which cited the California Department of Motor Vehicles, The automaker's autonomous car tests were involved in 22 accidents in California in 2017, GM shares rose as much as 1.1 percent at 9:36 a.m. in New York to $44.68

Source: Inform News

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