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Doctor uses 3D printer to help rebuild baby's skull

A Chattanooga surgeon pioneered a new procedure to help a local baby with a rare condition. Layla Shook was born in 2011 with a deformity called cloverleaf skull. Only 130 cases of the condition have been reported in medical literature. Local doctor Larry Sargent used cranial scans and a 3D printer to create models of Layla’s skull. Those models helped him strategize how to use plates from her skull to fashion an entirely new head that would safely stretch as she grew. And Layla was just 24 days old when she went into surgery. The new procedure spared her at least three additional operations. And Sargent’s pioneering work has attracted national attention, enabling more children to safely undergo similar procedures at earlier ages. Sargent’s story will be featured on the Emmy-winning ABC medical talk show “The Doctors.” at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Source: Chattanooga News

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